Dark Rose Films is a 'start-up' company which produces narrative features in various genres that deal with thoughtful, elegant themes and employ evocative cinematography. Our particular areas of interest are Murder Mysteries and Historic Adventure Dramas with a strong comic element. There will also be occasional excursions into fantasy, or sci-fi, depending upon budget.

This year (2017) Dark Rose has: two ¾ hour microbudget featurettes on release and being entered for festivals; one self-funded feature film in post-production; one feature film in preproduction; our fourth feature screenplay about to go into development in early September; a first draft, an adaptation of a novel, set in the C17th, just going into development, in July, and a further two feature films also in development: a 'draft 1' and the other, a treatment with (partial) screenplay.

We welcome approaches from executive producers/financiers and anyone else interested. Please see our contact page.