About Dark Rose Films


Ann-Marie Goldthorp's background is in small business (farming, guest houses, nursery school, etc) although her university qualifications are unrelated, e.g. Music and Medicine, etc.

Ann-Marie immigrated to New Zealand from France, with her family in late 2010, and has spent the years, in the interim, as the Managing Trustee of an environmental charity (The Sustainability Institute Foundation, NZ). This charity was establishing a botanic gardens: The NZ Herb Gardens, in N. Auckland. It had raised small sums for its ongoing work; published its feasibility study and strategic plan; been planning the Opera in the Garden fund raiser at the Wallace Foundation Homestead; been pledged the equivalent of $7 million dollars for the largest of its medicinal gardens and was in negotiation on a 64 acre piece of land, in Matakana, Auckland, when Ann-Marie was forced to retire for over three years to attend to the nursing of a family member, after a serious accident.

Ann-Marie is now the Managing director of Dark Rose Films, Ltd., NZ.. (www.darkrose.co.nz).

Writer and Director

Ms. Rose Goldthorp has been making films for eight years, now. She has already released one feature (two featurettes of ¾ hour, each). One is a sci-fi:"Watcher" and the other is an Edwardian rom-com :"Silverville". Both are set in New Zealand and have been entered for the NZIFF.

Rose has also made over a dozen short films and is busy at the moment, in post production for A Ghost in Corsets (AGIC). This full second feature, has been double shot in 360 for VR exhibition, as well as in standard format. Rose's next self-funded narrative feature (her third) Fleur's Secret, is being shot in Dec. 17 / Jan. 18. Its screenplay is in its third revision after three assessments by NZWG assessors. Fleur's Secret will also be 'double shot' for VR.

Rose has just finished writing the first draft of her first fully commercial feature film, Waiheke (working title): her fifth feature. She is in the middle of 'draft one' of her fourth feature: a musical. This will probably be a partially financed feature. Rose has already written a screenplay and treatments for various UK and French coproduction features. She is also fully fluent in French and is studying Communications, at Auckland University.(www.rosegoldthorp.com)

Marketing Advisor and Co-Writer

Dr. Sandra Smith is a Marketing academic with several other higher degrees in linguistics and literature. She has several ghost written novels and screenplays already under her belt, and is a published poet. Sandra is shortly to start co-writing the Waiheke Script: late 2017.

Dark Rose is very fortunate in having Sandra acting as its Marketing Advisor, especially for its initial approaches to PMD's (Producers of Marketing and Distribution).