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Synopsis of the feature film Silverville

Silverville is a 19th Century rom-com set in New Zealand.


The oldest brother comes back to New Zealand, from England, where he has been there for seven years, at Eton and then Oxford University. When he left he was immature and an irritating schoolboy. While he is gone, his mother is trying to make her ward, Alice, marry a local lawyer, but the ward doesn't want to. She doesn't really know who she wants to marry. She is friendly, however with the younger brother. Mother wants her to marry the lawyer because although the family is rich, they are nouveau riche and she wants her family to be part of ‘established society’. The lawyer's mother is getting poor and she wants him to marry Alice, who is wealthy.

The oldest son comes back much changed, and the governess, Cynthia, sets her cap at him. Alice also finds Richard attractive, but Mrs. O’Leary wants neither of them anywhere near Richard.

Granny and some of the servants want Alice to marry Richard, and everybody hates the governess who is a scheming type.

Richard flirts with everybody, but likes the ward most. After a dance, however, he thinks that Alice likes his younger brother best, and so becomes uneasy.

Granny and mother are always fighting for the control of the house, and the marriage of the ward is a perfect subject to prove themselves in. Mr. O’Leary, Alice and both the sons are all caught in the crossfire.

During a picnic, Richard mishears Timothy talking and thinks that he is making love to Alice, during a picnic. He decides, histrionically, to leave for a European tour.

Finally the lawyer and the youngest son run off to Italy together for a painting holiday. This is when the oldest brother realises that Alice didn't like the younger brother. He proposes to Alice and marries her.

The governess goes off in a huff. Granny wins over mother, about letting Alice marry Richard, and the girl and her fiancé go off to Paris on a honey moon, where Alice has always wanted to go to.


Scene 1: Big Brother, Richard, leaves, for Eton School, England, when everybody is young
Scene 2: the family acquires a young ward: Alice.
(Screen : seven years pass)
Scene 3: Seven years later Mother is introducing Alice to the lawyer, Harold, over afternoon tea.
Scene 4: Richard returns as a dashing young man, while Harold, Mother and Alice are having tea.
Scene 5: Richard meets his little sister, Lulu and her governess on the way there, in the village, but they don't recognise each other
Scene 6: Richard meets Alice and likes her. Ditto Alice, but Harold gets all tense and grouchy and leaves. Mother is annoyed with Richard, telling him to leave his "sister" alone. Richard says that Alice is not his sister and Grandmother agrees
Scene 7: Cue younger brother, Timothy. He is very arty
Scene 8: Dad holds a ball to celebrate Richard’s   return. Alice is forced to dance every dance with the Lawyer who is shown to be very boring. 
But Richard thinks that she is doing it voluntarily so he flirts with all the ladies to distract himself from Alice.
Scene 9: Soon, Richard ignores her completely
Scene 10: Alice hurt by Richard’s display, goes off to her female friends in the village, but all the girls will talk about is Richard
Scene 11: Alice, therefore  leaves her friends and goes down to the river where she meets Timothy  painting. They have some funny conversation and Richard comes across them laughing, and gets the wrong impression, i.e. that they are particularly fond of each other.
Scene 12: the cook and the under cook  discussing the governess : how she is suddenly action all coy and girly. They say that nothing good will come of it.
Scene 13: Lulu tells mother and grand Mother about the governess who agree to put  their differences aside and stop the governess.
Scene 14: the governess goes out and "accidentally" meet Richard while out hunting. Where she "accidentally" hurts herself
Scene 15:  Richard and the governess flirt with each other shamelessly and time lapses.
Scene 16: Richard proposes and is instantly accepted
Scene 17:  Next morning the governess joins the family breakfast  and, much to everyone's scandal, sits next to Richard, who flirts with her shamelessly, the rest of the family sit and fume.
Scene 18: grandmother starts digging to find dirt on the governess. Unexpectedly, it is the young daughter who helps by telling them that she has found out that the governess is married to a man in a prison in Yorkshire
Scene 19: grandmother tells everyone this and the governess runs away.. Richard shows no sign of  distress, and wants to organise a dance in celebration of him being single again. Grandmother thinks that it is a fun idea, mother refuses.
Scene 20: lawyer is being encouraged to propose to Alice by his parents
Scene 21: lawyer goes for a walk down by the river, and meets Timothy. They get talking and hit it off instantly
Scene 22: lawyer comes home later saying that Alice wasn't home and so he didn't get to propose to her, (not true actually).
Scene 23: in desperation, mother and lawyers parents get together and decide to have a bridge party to get Alice and Harold together
Scene 24: Alice and family goes to bridge party. It is very boring. Harold manages to avoid proposing again by playing the entire time with grandmother and Timothy. Gran does her best to keep it that way, and Alice and Richard and father are playing together.
Scene 25: Mother rages at Gran saying Alice has to marry Harold. Gran says Alice must marry her ‘true love’ which Granny suspects is Richard. Alice hears and get s angry that everyone is trying to run her life, and decides to be a nun.
Scene 26: Alice announces her intentions of being nun over dinner causing general hilarity. Richard bets her she couldn't stick it a month, mother forbids her, dad calls it a phase,
Scene 27: Alice asks the village school teacher, who is actually just a very prim spinster who wears dull clothes whether she could teach Alice how to be a nun like her. Teacher gets very insulted and frog marches her back home and complains
Scene 28: Alice is sitting embarrassedly over afternoon tea, Mother has told the family, and Gran, Richard, and father are dying with laughter. Alice decides not to be a nun, Richard voices his relief since it would be sad
Scene 29: things have gone back to normal. One of Alice’s friends engages herself to a farmer, so they have a celebratory picnic. They are to move away and Alice feels lonely.
Scene 30: Richard sees and hears Harold proposing to someone behind a bush at the picnic.  He thinks that it is Alice. Richard gets into an argument at cross purposes with his mother and decides to leave home and go to America.
Scene 31: next morning, Richard is dragging his suitcase out of the hallway and his dad is saying that Richard should tell his mother that he is going, and suddenly, at that. Alice starts crying, as Richard ignores her and slams the door.
Scene 32:  mother is running round in her night wear trying to find Tim, as she has found a note saying that he has gone to Italy with Harold, on a “sketching tour”. She does not know that Richard has just left.
Scene 33: Richard arrives at the train station and he sees his brother and the lawyer on the train.   He asks them what they are doing. They explain that they are going to Italy. Richard realises that Alice is free. He turns around, throws away his suitcase and runs off.
Scene 34: explanations, and proposal
Scene 35: mother forbids but everyone else gives consent
Scene 36: Alice and Richard marry


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