Dark Rose Films is a young 'up and coming' company which produces narrative features in various genres associated with Romance.
Our high-concept, low budget, largely genre movies are 'auteur-driven'.

Our films aim to be thoughtful and elegant; employing evocative cinematography. Our Romantic movies (both contemporary and historic) will range from such as Period Romantic Drama, through Rom-Coms, Musicals, Thrillers and Murder-Mysteries, to Adventures.

Our concentration on romance, costume drama, musicals, and thrillers, etc., all with a light touch, is due, not only to their being where our personal interests lie, but also due to these genres being the most favoured of the two markets at which we aim to appeal: Female and 50+ (mixed sex).

While these two markets are already large, the latter market is a rapidly growing one, and while gender is more important than age, when it comes to an analysis of genre consumption, the 50+ market is the "most habitual" group of cinema goers.

The overlap between these two markets lies with musicals, and costume dramas / thrillers. The other overlap is comedic film, as this genre, together with suspense movies (to a slightly lesser extent), is enjoyed by both sexes, especially in the 50+ bracket.

We welcome approaches from executive producers/financiers and anyone else interested. Please see our contact page.